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Last August we counted 500 new home closings in the metro Phoenix housing market, and this year we tallied 632 new home closings for the month, a 26% increase. (source, RL Reports)

This graph shows the number of listings has dropped to 30k. Follow the 30k line over to December of ’02 and you will see we are back to more reasonable levels. What does this mean… well with the number of listings down, and sales at an all time high, (red line matching the highs of […]

Currently the median home price in Phoenix is at $279,000. That’s -15.2% over the past 12 months and -1.8% in the past month. You’ve always heard to buy low and sell high. This is the time for some amazing deals right now.

Asset Manager


Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with an asset manager for a large mortgage company. She personally handles 200 foreclosures and feels we have reached the peak. What does that mean, well that could be an indication that the market has seen the worst and will continue to improve as the saturated foreclosure inventory […]

Today FHA (Federal Housing Administration) raised the loan limits to $346,250. (Maricopa County) The FHA increased loan limits will help thousands of homeowners that do not fit underwriting guidelines for credit requirements.

Foreclosure map


If your interested in knowing what states have the highest foreclosures, this maps for you. You will notice that California, Nevada and Arizona really are in the red. (highest foreclosures) Click here to download the map.