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A lot of people sure seem worried. I’ve encountered some challenging times in my life and I’ve learned a few things from them. One is that there are only two things in the world you can worry about. One are things we can change, and the other are things we cannot. Why worry about something […]

Asset Manager


Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with an asset manager for a large mortgage company. She personally handles 200 foreclosures and feels we have reached the peak. What does that mean, well that could be an indication that the market has seen the worst and will continue to improve as the saturated foreclosure inventory […]

Sales for February in almost all areas of the valley were up from Januarys numbers. November through January are typically slow sales months. With February’s numbers being up, that shows we are on the same cycle as we’ve seen in a normal Real Estate market. I’m seeing area’s in the valley where multiple offers are […]

Today FHA (Federal Housing Administration) raised the loan limits to $346,250. (Maricopa County) The FHA increased loan limits will help thousands of homeowners that do not fit underwriting guidelines for credit requirements.

Foreclosure map


If your interested in knowing what states have the highest foreclosures, this maps for you. You will notice that California, Nevada and Arizona really are in the red. (highest foreclosures) Click here to download the map.

The current Real Estate market in Phoenix is a hot topic no matter who you talk to. Here’s one of my stories. On Saturday I met a guy that I played poker with. He was a real nice guy even after he lost his money. While we were getting ready to leave he mentioned we […]